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A Community of Caring

Written by on June 30th 2020.

As the world around us continued to shift and we saw young people adapting to the ebb and flow, we wanted to recognize their unheralded achievements. We partnered with Palmetto Vermiculite to create the first ever SYP Community Cares Award. Members of the community nominated people age 21-40 from Sp… read more

The Not So Bored Board

Written by on April 17th 2020.

I’ve struggled writing this intro more than any other that we’ve done because everything I start to type feels holistically inadequate. We’re all obviously going through something life-altering and habit changing, but these unique circumstances have led to some amazing new ideas that can benefit all… read more

Better Together

Written by on February 28th 2020.

Being a young professional is one of the toughest times in your career to navigate. You’re not an intern, but you’re not really experienced. You’re not always the one listened to, but you have lots of ideas. You know what industry you want to be in, but you don’t know where you fit in yet. Additiona… read more

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