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Written by on September 6th 2019.

With school starting back, the time for those week long vacations have passed. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t squeeze in some weekend adventures. It’s so easy to only want to explore the City of Spartanburg because there are so many great offerings, but let’s widen the scope a bit. Below you will find some ideas and hidden gems for ways that you can explore all of Spartanburg County.



Triple Tree Aerodrome

This place is one of the best kept secrets in the Upstate. I’ve been lucky enough to watch up close as this property developed over the years because it was purchased from my grandparents and neighbors their house. It’s always surprising to me that when I mention it, most people have no idea what it is. If only they knew of the crowds that pour into Triple Tree multiple times a year. If you’re into flying, this is the place for you. Not only do they have great events throughout the year, but they have a hangar full of historical airplanes that you can gawk over. See below!

Strawberry Hill

If you’re like most Spartanburgers, you probably already eat copious amounts of their produce a year, but have you ever checked this farm out? If you’re just expecting fields full of peaches…well, you’re right. BUT, they have really fun activities throughout the year, especially during the Fall. Try finding your way out of the themed corn maze, take a wagon ride, or go pumpkin picking. Not to mention they have a great on-site cafe with homemade ice cream!

Tryon Theatre

Sure, you can go to your local chain movie theater anytime you want. There’s just something about seeing a film in an intimate historical setting. Lucky for us, the Tryon Theatre is right up the road and was built in 1938! They are an independent theater so they provide a chance to see some arthouse films while still showing the major franchise movies. 

Hatcher Gardens

What’s not to love about this 10-acre botanical garden? It’s a beautiful spot to take a stroll with a loved one, have a quiet time out, or literally smell the roses. Did I mention that it’s free?!



Camping/biking at Croft State Park

We are truly lucky to have such a wonderful natural resource so readily available to us. If you like the outdoors, Croft has it all. Bring your bike, canoe, kayak, horse, camper, and kids.

“There are many great views of the park and wildlife along the trails. You can always find some new path or variation of the trails to ride which is nice for switching things up from time-to-time. I find the mountain bike trails at Camp Croft to be a great way to get away from the busyness of downtown while still enjoying something unique to Spartanburg.” – Greyson Furnas, SYP Development Chair

Hollywild Animal Preserve

Known for the Safari Christmas Lights, they also have some very cool close up encounters. Follow them on Facebook to make sure that you don’t miss out on things like this!

LeMans Karting SC

Located in Duncan, this place will let you fulfill your need for speed. What I love about it is that it’s indoors, so you always have it as an option on a rainy day. Whether you want to take your kids or your roommate, there is plenty of space for you to Shake ‘n Bake!

Disc Golf

Did you know that Spartanburg County is home to 7 Disc Golf courses?! If you want to sling a more competitive game, you can join the Hub City Disc Golf Club, but feel free to keep it laid back with just you and your buddies.

Spartanburg Revolutionary War Trail

When your county is named after a Revolutionary militia regiment, you need to find out why. Visit Spartanburg has put together a self-guided tour of all local important battlegrounds. Follow the map as you wind through Spartanburg County and the landscape of a simpler time.



If you’re one of those “foodies”, you’re in the right place. Listen up, Spartanburg County has some amazing eats, so I could list another 50 places. For the sake of time, here are some unique spots that deserve your attention.

Southside Smokehouse

They gained a lot of fanfare for their chef, Sarah McClure, being named SC Chef Ambassador. I can confirm, yeah she’s good. Their food is familiar yet very eclectic. It’s BBQ, it’s Creole, it will blow your taste buds’ minds!

Humble Grounds

Coffee shops are on every corner, so how do you compete with the likes of Starbucks? Humble Grounds found a way to be the healthy, homemade option in a beautifully restored downtown shop in Woodruff. They make crepes and sandwiches from locally sourced ingredients, as well as, delicious Plant Protein smoothies. They also showcase local artwork and artisan products so that you can support your community while grabbing a delicious cup of coffee.

Stone Soup

They have a very nice and intimate location in Landrum. All of their food is excellent, but I’ve driven there just for dessert because their Sticky Toffee Pudding with vanilla ice cream is like eating a bowl full of warm oatmeal creme cookies. I may have bribed someone for the recipe and it’s complicated, so leave it to the experts.

Red Hill Hot Dogs

I have found over the course of my adult life that the best restaurants don’t always have to have the brightest décor or most modern building. This place is simple, simply good. If you’re in Lyman, go grab a hot dog!

A Taste of Home

They opened their second location in Woodruff and are right off of HWY 221 as you enter the city, so it’s a convenient trip from Spartanburg. Three words: SOUL.FOOD.BUFFET. Fair warning, designate at least an hour for a nap following your chow down. And if you don't try the banana pudding, you missed out on one of the happiest moments of your life!


I hope that all of you will seize the wonderful opportunity that is laid out before you. We live in a community that has an abundance of resources that make it such an amazing place to live, work, and play. I challenge you to put your phone down (after reading this amazing guide of course), get in your car and explore our county. The places I have mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg and I hope that you'll join me in finding more.

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