SYP Board Members Talk About Health & Wellness

Written by Lanie W. Carter on March 14th 2022.

March is Mental Health Awareness Month, and for that reason, our SYP board members have put together a fun list of ways they like to get active and clear their mind! 

Membership Chair, Natalie Bieber:
Natalie is an avid runner and placed 2nd in her age group and 6th place overall in the annual Love Where You Live 5K. She makes great use of outdoor running trails along the Daniel Morgan Trail System (“The Dan”); her favorite Dan trails to run on are the Cottonwood Trail and the Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail. Find out more information about the 5k on their website or say hi if you see her while you’re checking out The Dan!

Chair-Elect, Greyson Furnas:
Greyson favorite activity is walking 9-12 holes of golf after work when able (and daylight permits). Walking 9 holes of golf averages about 2.5-3 Miles! Although not pictured, his favorite spot to play a round is Spartanburg Country Club. Greyson is always looking for partners to play golf with, so do not hesitate to ask!

Chair, Sarah Butler:
If you are interested in the “no equipment needed” approach to fitness, the good news is that running is for everyone— no matter your age. Just ask our SYP Chair, Sarah Butler. Thanks to the impact of the pandemic on the fitness industry’s in-person philosophy, when the world started to open back up, she abandoned her gym membership and looked for a way to get fit and give back. Here is a picture of her at the finish line of PAL’s Turkey Day 8K. Whether you run, walk, or do a combination of the two, you are bound to find a race that makes you feel good inside and out. A simple Google search for 5K runs in the Spartanburg area will get you on your way.

Communications Chair, Lanie Whitaker Carter
Pictured is our Communications Chair, Lanie W. Carter getting taken on a walk by her great dane, Malka! LOL. Her favorite spot to get out and get some exercise in Spartanburg is Croft State Park. There are many dog friendly trails, hiking trails, and horseback riding trails to take, as well as a lake to kayak in once the weather warms up! See more about Croft State Park on their website HERE

Social Chair, Malorie Starnes
Pictured, is a large group of go-getters at our local Orange Theory Fitness! Malorie, enjoys getting a good workout with her friends and wants to remind us that - “As young professionals it’s always our duty to hold each other accountable. Whether at work, in our personal lives, or simply working out - always strive to do better.” Let’s get up and get after it in 2022! 

Interested in becoming a member of SYP? Please contact our Membership Chair, Natalie Bieber for more information: [email protected]

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