Hunter Brown, Communications Chair

Bio: Hunter is a Spartanburg native and graduate of Spartanburg Day School. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Georgia Southern University in Sport Management. After working in Minor League Baseball for four years, he moved back to Spartanburg in 2014. He currently is the Vice President of Palmetto Vermiculite and Owner of Tyger Logistics, LLC. He resides near downtown Spartanburg with his wife, Megan, three children, Walton, Edith, and Harry, plus their hound dog, Beau.

Hobbies: He loves watching movies, Panthers Football, Braves baseball, and exploring Spartanburg with his family.

Why SYP: SYP provides so many individuals in this town an opportunity to network, but also serves as a great launching point for the “boomerang” Spartanburgers. You get to be on the ground floor with people who are working just as hard as you.

Why Spartanburg: Spartanburg has continued its growth to become a place with great food, arts, events, and schools. Hunter is really passionate about making Spartanburg the place where he wants to raise his kids and has been proud to see the community of kindness that has been fostered in his hometown.

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