Angela Mauney, Chair

Bio: Angela Heinrich was born in Houston, Texas and grew up in its suburbs. She came to Spartanburg to attend Wofford College, from which she received a Bachelor of Arts in Finance with a minor in Economics. After having a summer internship with Merrill Lynch’s Spartanburg office, Angela continued with this office on a full-time basis as a financial advisor after her graduation in 2016.

Hobbies: Angela enjoys volunteering (Habitat for Humanity, Junior League and ZTA alumni), outdoor activities, exercise, cooking, sports (especially those involving the Wofford Terriers) and travel.

Why SYP: Soon after planting her roots in Spartanburg, Angela realized that she needed a place to meet people and a way to get involved in the community. SYP has been the place to meet friendly faces and be a part of Spartanburg’s growth.

Why Spartanburg: Angela first came to Spartanburg to attend college. However, during her time in college, she acquired a great fondness for Spartanburg, South Carolina, and even broader surrounding areas, and wanted to make her new home here. Angela believes that Spartanburg is a great place to get involved and make an impact.

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